Dear User, the previously used fusionforge service is no longer available.
The tools integrated in fusionforge were treated as followed:

OpenProject It was fully migrated, no changes are expected except the newer OpenProject version
Mailman/mailing lists Not yet migrated, thus available as before.
The migration only includes lists which were requested for migration, especially old lists will be no longer available.
After migration all email addresses of migrated lists will stay the same, only all links to the web interface and archives will be different
SCM(SVN, GIT) Is partially migrated to Repositories need to be migrated by the project responsible
Mediawiki migration is still unclear, only a few projects used it, individual solutions may be possible
Tracker, File Release, and all the other stuff These tools were not standalone, but only main part of the old software, thus they will no longer be available.
Individual data backup can be created.
Date: June 2023