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Project Filelist for HPC-Europa User Management

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Release 1.0

Release Notes

This is a user management software for the HPC-Europa project. Functionality overview ---------------------- 1. Status reporter - for the users: ° retrieves the user consumption for the previous week and notifies the users per mail about their consumption as well as the limits - for the administrators (hpc-europa@hlrs.de) ° compiles the status report that contains the user consumption, their limits, as well as notification about the users who overspent their limits ° provides an overview about events that occurs on the oncoming week 2. Event analyser - Checks the google calendar and retrieves the events that occurs today: ° welcome ° goodbye ° account close - Notifies the visitor and/or accounting service about the steps to be done according to the events. Software requerements --------------------- - Java EE - Eclipse IDE for Java EE applications (for development purposes only) Getting running --------------- Source code: 1. Download the code from the svn (https://svn.gforge.hlrs.de/svn/hpc-europa-man/trunk) 2. Open Eclipse IDE 3. Import the UserManagement project in Eclipse 4. Edit your credentials (Credentials.xml) 5. Run one of the two following run configurations: ° EventAnalyser.java ° StatusReport.java Binary package: 1. Download the package (https://gforge.hlrs.de/frs/?group_id=230) 2. Edit your credentials (Credentials.xml) 3. Run one of the two following applications: - Event Anylyser ° ./runEventAnalyser.sh - Status Reporter ° ./runStatusReport.sh IMPORTANT NOTE: unless the scripts are started with the "production" argument, e.g. "./runEventAnalyser.sh -production", all the output goes to the console only, i.e. no mails are sent. This is useful if the application needs to be started in the debug mode.