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Source Code Repository for BigWhoop

Documentation for Git is available at http://git-scm.com/.

Anonymous Access

This project's Git repository can be checked out through anonymous access with the following command.

git clone https://scm.projects.hlrs.de/anonscm/git/bwc/bwc.git

Member repository

One of this project's members also has a personal Git repository that can be checked out anonymously.

git clone https://scm.projects.hlrs.de/anonscm/git/bwc/users/hpcfcunh.git (Flavio Galeazzo)

Developer Access

via "smart HTTP"

Only project developers can access the Git repository via this method. Enter your site password when prompted.

git clone https://developername@scm.projects.hlrs.de/authscm/developername/git/bwc/bwc.git

Git Repository Browser

Browsing the Git tree gives you a view into the current status of this project's code. You may also view the complete history of any file in the repository.

[Browse main git repository]

[Browse personal git repository: hpcfcunh]

[Download the nightly snapshot]

Repository History
Data about current and past states of the repository.
Name Adds Updates
Patrick Vogler 66 120
Total: 66 120